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Texas can boast a high turtle diversity with three species that naturally occur only here and no where else. In fact Texas is home to almost half of the turtle diversity in the United States!  Texas also has a rapidly growing population and it is more important now than ever to educate people young and old about these animals, their interesting behaviors, priceless value of their presence in the wild, and the challenges that threaten their very existence.  

Fortunately, turtles are a popular group of animals and many people have fond early memories of their interactions with them. This is likely to be the saving grace for this ancient group of reptiles.


This website was created in 2007 to help inform people about the diversity of Texas turtles and through emails and the Texas turtles Facebook group thousands of turtle questions have been answered since. Today Texas Turtles is a registered 501 (C) (3) non profit organization devoted to the conservation and study of turtles found here in the lone star state through research, studies of turtles in the wild and outreach education.

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     Carl J. Franklin, President               Viviana Ricardez, Vice President and Treasurer                    Sal Scibetta, Secretary 

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