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Texas Turtle Day at Fair Park




On May 20, 2023 we will be performing a population assessment of the turtles living in Leonhardt Lagoon at Fair Park.  The robust population of turtles at Fair Park has delighted visitors for decades and the lagoon is host to a very active and healthy ecosystem of plants and animals.


The lagoon was created in 1936 and has since become the home for many turtles. At least six different kinds are known and some of the turtles have been residents of the lagoon for a very long time. Each turtle will be weighed, measured, photo documented and each given a PIT tag. A PIT tag is about the size of a grain of rice and works like the chips used to identify cats and dogs. This allows us to keep track of turtles already inventoried, estimate the population size and any other changes over the years. 


Come out enjoy the festivities, learn about turtles, and get to see some of them up close!

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