The goal of Texas Turtles is to fill a 'Texas-sized' hole in our knowledge of Texas turtles and this is accomplished through collaborative efforts and field research.  We regularly conduct visual surveys and are permitted through TPWD to conduct trapping surveys, salvage deceased turtles and obtain tissue samples to increase our knowledge of our native chelonians. 

Projects for 2021

*Continued study of the ecology and Natural History of alligator snapping turtles throughout their range in Texas.

*Continued participation with the Padre Island national sea shores Kemp's Ridley recovery project

*Collaboration with studying Cagle's map turtle in the Guadalupe river with Dr. Jesse Meik of Tarleton State University

*Establishment of protocols for soft release of three toed box turtles for reintroduction into the wild

*Freshwater turtle diversity in the Texas panhandle