Texas Turtle Information

Cheloniidae Sea turtles

Chelydridae Snapping turtles

Dermochelyidae Leatherback sea turtle

Emydidae Box turtles and pond turtles

Kinosternidae Mud and Musk turtles

Testudinidae Tortoises

Trionychidae Soft shelled turtles

Extinct turtles from Texas

Legal aspects pertaining to Texas turtles

Threats to Texas turtles

Misconceptions and Myths

The Complete North American Box Turtle (book)


Texas Turtle Multimedia

I found a turtle and don't know what to do with it


About Texas Turtles

Howdy and welcome to www.Texasturtles.org. This website is dedicated to providing information regarding Texas turtles.  Topics will include biology, conservation, ecology, and natural history.  Thank you for visiting the site and be sure to send an email should you have any comments or questions.  Students and teachers are welcome to use images from this website for classroom purposes.


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Click here for a pdf copy of "An Introduction to Texas Turtles" a pamphlet published by Texas Parks and Wildlife
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