Fossil Record of Texas Turtles
The fossil record of Texas turtles is considerable.  This page mainly features reprints from various journals and other publications pertaining to fossil turtles discovered or found in Texas.

Sankey, Julia T. Turtles of the upper Aguja Formation (Late Campanian), Big Bend National Park.  New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 35. Click here for pdf.

Lehman, Thomas, M and Susan L. Tomlinson, 2004. Terlinguachelys fishbecki, A new genus and species of sea turtle (Chelonioidea: Protostegidae) from upper Cretaceous of Texas. Journal of Paleontology., 78 (6) pp. 1163-1178. Click here for pdf

Baskin, Jon A., The Pleistocene Fauna of South Texas. Texas A&M University -Kingsville. Click here for pdf

Toomey III, Rickard S. Vertebrate Paleontology of Texas Caves. Illinois State Museum Research and Collection Center. Click here for pdf
Protostega gigas from upper Cretaceous deposits near Rockwall, Texas.  This specimen measures just over 11 feet (3.4 m) and is on display at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science.
This specimen of Protostega is on display at Baylor University's Mayborn Museum Complex. Notice the recurved beak used to excavate mollusk buried in sand beneath the Cretaceous sea.  Photograph courtesy of BU-MMC.