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This website was created in 2007 as it became apparent that there was very little free information available for people interested in learning more about  the turtles that call Texas home.  Texas can boast a high turtle diversity with two species that occur only here and no where else.  With a rapidly growing population it is becoming more important now than ever to educate people young and old about these animals, their interesing behaviors, priceless value of their presence in the wild, and the challenges that threaten their very existence.

Carl J. Franklin is a herpetologist , biological curator and collections manager of the Amphibian and Reptile Diversity Research Center at the University of Texas Arlington.  He has worked at the Fort Worth Zoo and Dallas Zoo departments of herpetology and El Serpentario de La Paz in Baja California.  He has published several popular and technical publications as well as two books about turtles.  He has also provided lectures and presentations about some of our often misunderstood wildlife to hundreds of audiences and all age groups. Asides from numerous outreach programs Carl has assisted with several wildlife documentary television programs, local news broadcasts and motion pictures pertaining to reptiles and amphibians

An avid outdoorsman and native Texan, Carl most enjoys spending time in the field with his family and friends.  Especially in places where there are turtles.

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Carl J. Franklin
The Texas turtleman
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