Texas turtles are currently facing pressure from various causes that threaten their existence in the lone star state.  They have lived for millions of years and even survived  the cataclysmic events that killed the dinosaurs.  Unfortunately, the destruction of their habitats, roadway mortality and collection for the Asian food trade are still ongoing. 

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Problems caused by commercial trapping of Texas freshwater turtles for the Asian food market

Roadway mortality

The commercial trade of turtles not only affects turtles in Texas but those from other states and other countries as well. Essentially we are risking the loss of substantial turtle diversity due to commercial trade in turtles as food, medicine and pets.  Darrel Senneke of the World Chelonian Trust has prepared the statistics from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service about the number of turtles declared through the United States customs.  From 4 November 2002 to 26 November 2005 almost 32,000, 000 turtles were declared as exports.  He received the information via the Freedom of Information Act and the statistics can be seen by clicking here:

Habitat destruction

What can be done to help save Texas turtles?